Data Analyst

Location Tokyo, Tokyo
Job type Permanent
Salary Up to 9,000,000 JPY
Reference 33326


A global company famous for manufacturing athletic and casual wear, footwear and accessories.

With the success of e-commerce and introduction of new customer data platform, the company is now looking for an experienced Data Analyst as a first hire for their data analytics team.


  • New position to build and expand the data analytics team

  • Possibility to join as manager or with potential to become manager in the future

  • Stable company with long establishment in Japan and high retention rate

  • Mixed industry culture – employees come from a variety of industries and are open-minded of a candidate’s full career and industry background


This person will lead and act as a partner and consultant for all stakeholders in order to provide solutions and report on data and user experience.

  • Lead and build the CRM operations and initiatives

  • Communicate data driven solutions to stakeholders, team members and customers

  • Conduct AB test analysis and provide insights on UI/UX/product

  • Manage internal and external partners to oversee workflow and meet project goals

  • Manage and evaluate information gathered from multiple sources


  • Strong background in CRM including data management and technologies (any CRM)

  • Deep knowledge and experience in SQL

  • Native Japanese and reading/writing proficiency in English (for global communication)


  • Industry background related to websites (e-commerce), or retail (fashion) data sets

  • Some level of understanding or experiencing in one or one more programming language such as R, Python or SAS

  • Excel skills, BI tools (any), data reports, market analytics, reporting applications

  • Relevant CRM/CDP knowledge, such as:

    • Understanding the data and data sources in developing enterprise solution

    • Knowledge of vendors, reporting and data integration tools

    • Experience in development of CRM/CDP solutions

    • User training of CRM/CDP usage

  • Experience with A/B testing

  • Ability to lead a cross-functional team and facilitate progress

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills with ability to manage stakeholders across multiple departments and regions





  • データに基づいたソリューションを利害関係者、チームメンバー、および顧客に伝達

  • ABテスト分析を実施し、UI / UX /製品に関する見通しを提供

  • プロジェクトの目標を達成するために、社内外の関係者を管理

  • ベンダーを管理

  • 複数のソースから収集された情報を管理および評価


  • CRMのバックグラウンド(データ管理やテクノロジーなど)

  • QLでの5年以上の経験

  • Eコマースに関連する3年以上の実務経験

  • プログラミング言語(R、Python、SASなど)の知識・経験

  • CRM、CRMソフトウェア、レポート、BI、マーケティング、マーケティングオートメーション、分析、およびレポートアプリケーションに関する知識

  • ネイティブレベルの日本語、ビジネスレベルの英語