Mechatronics Engineer

Discipline Industrial
Job type Permanent
Salary Negotiable based on experience
Reference 35556


Robotics company ready to go to market with their first units entering into mass production.


  • Robot electrical design, actuator design, and control software design. Specifically, electrical

  • design and low-level control software design for actuators that combine brushless motors,

  • planetary gear and strain-wave reducers, encoders, and limit switches.

  • Evaluate, test, and improve actuator and electrical systems.

  • Work with quality assurance and manufacturing teams to address and improve the quality of the robots and market defects.


  • Exciting exposure to the Robotics industry

  • Ability to experience the first product launch.

  • Generous earning potential


  • Working experience in robotics or similar product development.

  • Must be able to design their own electrical circuits and take a hands on approach to analysis and problem solving

  • Layout design skills are nice to have, but it can be outsourced.

  • Use of instrumentation such as an oscilloscope, multimeter, etc., will be essential.

  • Deep technical understanding and design skills in the following three areas:

  • Improvement of stability around the power supply against back EMF of the motor

  • Circuit design for highly accurate sensing of current values to measure the load on motors (noise reduction, sensor selection, etc.)

  • Low-level software design for position PID control of brushless motors using limit switches and encoders

  • Technical ability to perform software review and some coding of embedded motor control code implemented on STM microcontrollers and FPGA.

  • C and C++ programming languages are required.

  • Technical knowledge of mechanical engineering at a level that enables in-depth discussions of technical considerations with the mechanical design team.

  • Mechanical design engineers are in charge of design itself. CAD design skills are not required, but knowledge to be able to have technical discussions with the mechanical design engineers is required.

  • Technical knowledge of firmware development at a level that enables in-depth discussions of technical considerations with the firmware team.

  • Full implementation skills are not required, but enough knowledge to have technical discussions with the firmware engineers is required.

  • Ability to lead PCB board manufacturing and component assembly by working with manufacturing vendors

  • Ability to have in-depth technical discussions with in-house engineers in Japanese and English.


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