勤務地 東京都
業界・業種 会計・経理・財務, IT
契約タイプ Permanent
給料 Negotiable based on Experience
参照番号 36413


Global IT Company


【Job Responsibilities】

  • Management analysis of the company as a whole and individual project matters, each department’s problems/defective points, etc.

  • Suggestion of solutions and improvement measures for budget management

  • Accounting figures input

  • Monthly/Annual settlement

  • Collaboration with a tax accountant office

  • Quotation, invoice creation, mailing

  • Contract mailing work

  • Bank processing

  • Other document management, etc.



[Required skills]

  • Practical 3+ years experience in accounting

[Welcome skills and experience]

  • Practical experience in a financial settlement

  • Want to be involved in management accounting and management in the future

  • Can proceed smoothly while communicating with each department

  • Accounting experience at a listed company

  • Knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

  • Highly motivated to advance their careers