Contract Manager

勤務地 東京都
業界・業種 人事・事務・秘書, 法務
契約タイプ Permanent
給料 Negotiable based on Experience
参照番号 36269


Global comprehensive real estate service provider


【Job Responsibilities】

Legal Department, in charge of real estate purchase and sale contracts

  • Preparation and confirmation of purchase and sale contracts, important matters, explanatory documents, etc., and related on-site and municipal office investigations. 

  • Obtaining certified copies of documents at legal affairs bureaus, etc.

  • Checking documents at the time of settlement

  • Preparation of transaction ledgers and other inquiries from sales staff, etc.



  • At least 5 years of experience in real estate transactions

  • Real Estate Transaction Agent Real Estate Notary License required

  • Business level English or above (TOEIC score of 800 or above as a general guideline)

  • Preferably senior level with experience

  • Experience in real estate sales or

  • Experience in real estate transactions at judicial scriveners or administrative scriveners' offices, etc.