iOS Engineer

勤務地 東京都
業界・業種 IT
契約タイプ Permanent
給料 Negotiatable
参照番号 37365


FinTech start-up company



Development environment

  • Language: Swift

  • Development environment: Xcode

  • Package management: SwiftPM, CocoaPods

  • Main libraries: RxSwift, Apollo(GraphQL), Quick, SwfityMocky, Alamofire

  • Architecture: MVP + Layered Architecture (DDD)'

  • Services: Github, Firebase, Amplitude, KARTE

  • CI/CD: Bitrise

  • Communication: Slack

  • Project Management: Jira

  • Information Sharing: Notion

  • Development Methodology: Scrum



  • 3+ years of Swift development experience

  • Experience in developing, releasing and operating iOS apps (Swift)

  • Development experience in a team using code reviews, pull requests, etc.

  • Communication skills to collaborate with stakeholders and develop products

  • Those who have a strong interest in our business and way

  • Native Level Japanese


  • Experience in service growth

  • Experience in video and educational application development

  • Those who do not limit the scope of their activities and enjoy crossing borders to adjacent areas

  • Those who can actively find and solve problems

  • Those who can give opinions considering UI/UX, who can develop, who are highly motivated to learn, who are active in participating in technical events, and who are active in giving presentations

  • Experience in leading the development of a development team (about 3 people * including outsourcing)


  • Development experience using SwiftUI

  • Development experience using Swift Concurrency

  • Development experience using Combine

  • Development experience with DDD-based architecture

  • Development experience using GraphQL

  • Experience in Android app development

  • Those who are disseminating technology such as speaking at conferences

  • Knowledge of iOS videos



  • Contact NAME: Henry Levo


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