Senior Embedded Solutions Engineer (Connectivity Specialist)

勤務地 東京都
業界・業種 産業
契約タイプ Permanent
給料 Negotiatable
参照番号 37357


The international company leading provider of microcontroller and IP solution which offers outstanding technical support


  • Be an authority in ethernet networking, able to advise and implement ideas to the clients

  • Proactively develop additional technical skills and knowledge

  • Utilize engineering design skills, techniques and knowledge to decrease client development time and reduce the system coast

  • Provide hardware, firmware, and middleware and develop tool support for the clients

  • Identify the key client stakeholders and coach the stakeholders to build a consensus solution

  • Work close with the global team and develop sales strategies across clients’ divisions


  • Electronic Design – Creative design capability,  architectural organization of hardware, firmware and software to meet system specifications, schematic/simulation/layout, Test and debug skills (using oscilloscope, logic analyzer, multimeter, etc)

  • Basic protocols - I2C, SPI, UART

  • Advanced protocols – Ethernet (Preferable TCP/IP (OSI Layer), CAN, LIN, AVB/TSN)

  • An experience of Ethernet system architecture (especially software implementation on Linux/Android/Windows_CE) is preferrable

  • Knowledge of embedded and/or hardware security (e.g. familiarity with TPMs, secure boot, ARM TrustZone, etc.)

  • An understanding of common cryptographic algorithms (e.g. AES, 3DES, RSA, ECC, etc.) is preferable

  • Microcontroller fundamentals – Algorithm development using C, C++, architecture, interrupt processing, registers, assembly code

  • Microcontroller fundamentals - ADC, DAC, Timers, PWM, DMA, watchdog

  • An experience of working with Industry and Medical Networking Suppliers

  • An experience of working with Automotive OEMS and.or Tier Suppliers is preferable.

  • Has Bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline

  • Basic English skill

  • Capability to understand semiconductors’ datasheets and soldering


Contact NAME: Stephanie Seki


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