Senior FP&A / Management planning

勤務地 東京都
業界・業種 会計・経理・財務
契約タイプ Permanent
給料 Negotiatable
参照番号 37025


A global digital consulting business company



We are looking for a senior position in Financial Planning & Analysis, which will be the core of the organization's growth. You will be the right-hand person of the CFO/Division Manager, and will be in charge of figures such as budgeting, budget management, and KPI management.

  • Draft and formulate medium- to long-term management plans based on management strategies, and manage forecasts and actual results based on plans

  • KPI management, analysis of differences, discovery and improvement of issues.

  • Sharing management information with subsidiaries

  • Preparing performance report materials for the board of directors

  • Other operations related to business and management



Mandatory requirements:

  • Those who fall under any of the following

  • Those who have more than 5 years of accounting experience and want a career path closer to management

  • Those who are positive about learning English

  • High Excel skills

  • Those who have a strong interest in both the business side and around accounting figures

  • Interest in management


Welcome requirements:

  • Business-level English ability

  • Experience in business planning (budget formulation, budget management/analysis, KPI analysis, etc.)

  • Work experience at an accounting firm or consulting firm

  • Business side directly under the president's office Those involved in business (M&A, business restructuring, etc.)