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How I made $80,000 in 3 months

about 2 years ago by Joseph Kowa
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THE MONEY SERIES with Matt and Alex

Managing Directors, Matt and Alex introduce a new YouTube series called --THE MONEY SERIES -- Here we talk about money.

The money you can make in recruitment and all things money-related. Today we talk to Joseph Kowa, who in only 3 months was able to make $80,000 in commission!

For some, that whole year's work. Joseph talks about what propelled him to these great heights and how he will celebrate his success.

It's no secret that the recruitment industry can be a lucrative career filled with successes and failures.

Matt and Alex encourage anyone who is looking to join a thriving business to come to talk with them at Cornerstone about putting some real digits in their pockets.


Cornerstone Recruitment Japan is focused on placing bilingual professionals in a wide range of market-leading companies.

Focusing across all sectors, we leverage the network of our experienced consultants to provide both clients and candidates with high-end service levels and most importantly results.

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