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Hot Ones Challenge with Dante Carver

about 1 year ago by
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Welcome to Success Stories, a new YouTube series hosted by Managing Directors, Matt and Alex.

Join us as we take a closer look at Cornerstone Recruitment, the fastest-growing recruitment company in Tokyo.

In the first episode of the "Hot Ones Challenge," with Cornerstones's Matt and Alex, we sit down with Dante Carver, one of Japan's most beloved TV stars. Joining us for this spicy culinary adventure is Cornerstone Recruitment Japan, a leading Tokyo-based recruitment company that's always up for a good time.

As Dante faces the heat of the wings, we delve into his secrets to success and hear about his experiences as a foreign actor in Japan. From his early days in the entertainment industry to his current role as a cultural ambassador, Dante shares his insights on what it takes to thrive in a competitive industry.

Along the way, we get to know the man behind the camera and discover his passion for travel, food, and connecting with people from all walks of life. And, of course, we watch as he takes on the fiery challenges of each hot sauce with a sense of humor and a fearless spirit.

So join us for this entertaining and inspiring episode of Hot Ones Challenge, as Dante Carver and Cornerstone Recruitment Japan take on the heat and dish out some valuable advice on how to succeed in life and in business. Get ready for a wild ride!

ソフトバンク のCMなどで有名なダンテカーヴァーさんにYouTubeのゲスト出演をしていただきました。スパイシーなチキンを食べながら、外国人俳優として日本で成功するための秘訣や舞台裏などについて語っていただきます。


Cornerstone Recruitment Japan is focused on placing bilingual professionals in a wide range of market-leading companies.

Focusing across all sectors, we leverage our experienced consultants' network to provide clients and candidates with high-end service levels and, most importantly, results.

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