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How I Made $70,000 in Commission

about 1 year ago by Mathieu Rauly
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In this video, we introduce you to Mathieu Rauly, a talented recruiter who just made a huge commission check of 70,000 USD.

Mathieu has had an interesting journey in the recruitment industry, starting out at a boutique agency that lacked structure and support. However, since joining Cornerstone Recruitment Japan, he has been able to elevate his game and achieve incredible success. Mathieu shares his experiences working at Cornerstone, and how it has helped him to develop his skills as a recruiter. He talks about the importance of having a strong support system in the workplace, and how Cornerstone has provided him with the resources and guidance he needs to succeed.

He also shares some valuable tips and insights into the world of recruitment, including how to build strong relationships with clients and candidates, the importance of understanding the needs of the companies you work with, and how to stay motivated and driven in a competitive industry.

If you're interested in the recruitment industry or just want to learn more about how to succeed in a fast-paced and challenging field, then this video is definitely for you. So sit back, relax, and let's hear from Mathieu about his experiences and insights working at Cornerstone Recruitment Japan!