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How to Write a Resume for Digital Marketing Jobs

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How to Write a Resume for Digital Marketing Jobs?

In this age of technology and a growing transition towards digitalization, "Digital Marketing" can be an exciting job with creative, analytical, and critical thinking skills. Individuals with a digital marketing career can get an average salary of 8-10M JPY per year, while an individual with this skill set and 5+ years of experience stands a chance to earn up to 10-13 JPY per year if you are a bilingual in Tokyo.


Thus, to ace your dream digital marketing job, you need a strong resume to stand out from the talent pool and grab hiring managers' attention. With that being said, let's take a look at key aspects hiring managers and recruiters are seeking in a digital marketing talent and thus build your resume complementing your experience in this guide.



Think Like a Recruiter

What would be your next step if you were faced with oodles of resumes?


Downloading and storing every piece of information in your memory mentioned on every resume, irrespective of the document’s complexity, can be a daunting task.


Let’s get back to reality; it won’t ever be feasible. And when it’s about considering a resume for digital marketing jobs— recruiters only take six seconds to scan a resume and make a judgment.


So, what should be your role as a jobseeker? It is to make your resume simple yet unique enough to stand apart from the crowd. So, here we are with a useful guide on how to write a resume for digital marketing jobs. Ready to take on this self-marketing project? Stay hooked as we walk you through the aspects of writing an excellent resume and getting selected for the highly sought-after digital marketing jobs in Japan.


Aspects You Shouldn’t Be Missing Out


Research. Note down. Repeat.


A pro service provider always strives to obtain information about its customers to target them more efficiently. Likewise, as a digital marketer hunting for a job, you must investigate everything you can about the job you are applying for and the employer.


This will give you a leg up in delivering substance and marketing yourself through your resume. Keep learning about the organizations you want to work with and update yourself about the workplace, the workforce, the culture, and the brand.



Discard the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach while crafting a killer resume. Instead, after you have successfully done your research, begin customizing your resume and tailoring its content & style.


This will allow you to keep updating it whenever there is a new job opportunity. Craft to keep it engaging and purposeful because your resume represents you and lets the recruiters spot you.



Incorporate resume-tailored keywords and bring your SEO knowledge to use. Why? Securing digital marketing executive jobs in Japan is no cakewalk, and recruiters nowadays rely on online tracking systems to filter out the best resumes having the right skills-related keywords.


Research well for the key skills and responsibilities of the role and the organizations you are applying to, and bring your expertise into action by including all the relevant keywords in a natural-sounding language.



Tips to Craft a Killer Digital Marketing Resume

Every job listing is different, and every company has different preferences, needs, and criteria for reviewing candidates. To secure digital marketing executive jobs in Japan, adapt your resume to meet the standard format. Here are some great takeaways, as well as some tips that will make sure your resume is up to snuff.



Write a High-impact Career Summary

Begin with a career summary and discard the objective statement. By writing a career summary, you can provide the recruiters with a synthesis of experience, knowledge, and skills & a demonstration of why you should be considered for the position.



Avoid Getting Too Wordy

Staying within the ideal word range is the ultimate tip to getting noticed by headhunters. If you plan to go beyond 2-3 pages, you must stop and think. Undoubtedly, a new entrant with zero experience can restrict their resume and keep it within the range. However, it may be difficult for an experienced candidate not to cross the limit. But you must also remember that great resumes are always short and on point.



Avoid Text Formatting

Refrain from using multi-coloured text or different font sizes. Keep it simple so the recruiter can focus on the information you have provided, not the fanciness. This will also ensure that your resume is processed right.



Include Your LinkedIn profile

Many candidates don't prefer to include their LinkedIn profile in their resumes. But, amazingly, including your LinkedIn profile has been shown to boost your chances of landing an interview.



Show Your Online Presence

Include links to your website, blog, or social media handles that showcase/justify your work and get taken more seriously.



Quantify Your Achievements

Mentioning quantifiable achievements will give your assertions more weight and clarity. For example, let’s say you increased your previous company’s sales by working on multiple marketing campaigns by 70%. So, instead of making a general claim, prefer mentioning the results you have achieved in numbers.


Bonus: Apart from mentioning your achievements in numbers and gain a competitive edge over others, include aspects to prove your technical prowess. Some of the popular skills include:


  • Performance Marketing

  • Content Marketing and Copywriting

  • Search Engine Marketing, Google Ads & Paid Ads, PPC

  • Google Analytics and Web Analytics

  • SEO

  • Analytical Thinking

  • Automation and Email Marketing

  • Advertising



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What can you do to make your digital marketing resume stand out?

To make your digital marketing resume stand out, you can include a captivating summary highlighting your critical skills and achievements. It will help if you tailor your CV according to the company and role you are applying for. Also, you can add keywords from the job description itself.


What do employers look for in a digital marketing resume?

It is believed that hiring managers look out for specific skills like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, SEMrush, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, WordPress, communication & leadership skills when hiring for digital marketing positions.


How do you write a summary statement for a digital marketing manager’s resume?

An effective resume summary includes Professional Title, Key Experiences, Measurable Achievements, Skills/Expertise/Values relevant to the job and industry. Once you ace the summary writing skill, you can ensure better resume visibility.

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