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【Video】What to do when hiring for your Startup Company

12 months ago by Matt & Alex
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Today, we're diving deep into the world of startup hiring, equipping you with the essential knowledge to build your dream team from the ground up.

In the fast-paced startup environment, hiring the right talent is crucial for success. It's not just about conducting interviews; it's about strategically selecting individuals and creating an environment they are comfortable with. By asking the right questions and employing effective hiring strategies, you can attract top talent and ensure a strong foundation for your startup. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a startup veteran, our hiring tips will equip you with the necessary tools to identify, attract, and retain the best talent for your startup.


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00:00 - Phone success! Getting the buy-in

00:09 - The best way to integrate people into a startup

00:23 - Tip 1

01:37 - Tip 2

02:58 - Tip 3

03:44 - Tip 4

04:20 - Tip 5