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【Video】360 Model Vs. 180 Model | Recruitment Business

6 months ago by Matt & Alex

Join us for a discussion about the recruitment industry's two pivotal models: the 180 and 360 recruitment strategies. This video, hosted by Matt and Alex, dives into the specifics of each model.


00:00 - Intro

00:36 - What is a 180 and 360 model?

00:51 - Is a 360 role more exciting?

02:13 - What are the cons of a 180 model?

03:30 - Should a business owner consider a 180 model?

04:48 - Why use a 180/360 model?

05:35 - Last tips to share

Together, we'll explore the distinct features of 180 and 360 recruitment. Matt and Alex will lead us through the differences in job acquisition and candidate sourcing in the 180 model, and the exciting approach of the 360 model. This video is crucial for anyone in or entering the recruitment field, offering insights and strategies for success in these different methodologies.


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