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How to Prepare for Interviews

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How to Prepare for Interviews

​Before preparing for interviews (or “casual meetings”) it’s important to understand what you AND the company are trying to achieve during the interview. This will help you prepare more efficiently, and get the most out of your meeting.

Preparing well will not only give you a better chance to pass the interview, but it will also help you understand the company, role, and expectations in turn making it easier to decide if it is a suitable role/company for you or not.


In general, they will be checking if you are a fit for a position, that they have open.

Thinking about “why” the interviewer is asking the question will help you create a more relevant answer. An interview is a chance to elaborate on your resume and bring your achievements to life.


Why should we hire you?

Question: The interviewer is looking for a link between your skills, motivations, and the role/company to which you are applying.

Advice: Here’s your chance to summarize your personality and experience while relating them to the position. You need to briefly lay out your strengths, qualifications, and what you can bring to the table.

Why do you want to work here?

Question: This is one tool interviewers use to see if you have done your research/test how much you know about the company.

Advice: Research the company, competitors, industry, recent trends, and activities – use this information to impress them by aligning it with your motivations and experience.

As illustrated, it’s best to remind yourself at each question to create an answer that makes you relevant to the role you are applying for, showcases your interest, and that you have done your research.

It is also advisable to prepare (and practice) a minimum of 3 examples of situations in your past that showcase your relevant skills, ones that can be transferred to the role you are applying for.

Does your answer make it easier for the interviewer to imagine you working in their company? Yes, then good!

Companies like candidates who are

  • Clear on their career goals / future career path

  • Passionate about what they do/like to challenge themselves

  • Experienced in a similar role or who has relatable skills

  • Personable and logical thinker

Make sure your answers have elements of the above so that by the end of your interview, the company will be left with a positive impression of you, your capabilities, and your interest in their company, and move you to the next step.


I want to leave a good impression, pass the interview, and get a job offer.

→Show the interviewer that you have relatable skills, passion for the role as well as an understanding of their company, competitors

I want to learn more about the company and the potential responsibilities

→Prepare and ask good questions surrounding the background of the role, the main expectations of the company for the first 3-6 months, culture, team dynamics, future projects, etc.

  • Prepare self-introduction (check out this LINK to an article that goes into more detail)

  • Revise relevant experience and prepare situations/examples that showcase relatable skills

  • Research the company, products, competitors, and shareholders and have a genuine reason for your interest in their company

  • Prepare questions to ask and don’t hesitate to ask follow-up questions

For more example questions and to have one of our consultants support you in preparing, please register your profile on our website here.

Written by Mark Griffin