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2024 Japan Salary Guide for Bilinguals

5 months ago by Rena Harada
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Bilingual recruitment market trends and overview

2023 saw some interesting trends in a variety of industries.

IT in particular was badly hit with hiring greatly reduced. The global tech layoffs from major IT businesses knocked confidence across the sector. The increase in available candidates also saw direct hiring return as a viable option for many companies. Early indications are that we will see a slow and steady increase in demand in 2024 as the IT sector recovers and hiring confidence returns.

Conversely, the retail sector continued with its post covid boom. The return of tourists to Japan in great numbers saw a huge demand for bilingual candidates across a wide range of positions. We expect this sector to remain strong for the whole of 2024.

Traditional areas such as Healthcare and Industrial also remain very strong with a large demand for bilingual talent.

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