Automotive Quality Engineer

勤務地 東京都
業界・業種 産業
契約タイプ Permanent
参照番号 38662


The international company focusing on high-voltage power conversion market



  • Support Automotive clients by providing the necessary PPAP documents, questionnaires, and conducting factory audits when required for the qualification of integrated circuit products.

  • Collaborate with the headquarters' failure analysis team to address and resolve customer issues.

  • Aid the PI Sales team in Japan regarding customer quality concerns.

  • Visit customers as needed to address satisfaction issues stemming from product quality problems.

  • Conduct an initial system-level assessment of customer applications for failure investigations.

  • Prepare reports in both English and Japanese and communicate them to the customer. Coordinate and oversee the resolution of issues with the support of engineering teams at the company's headquarters.

  • Gather failure analysis data and findings from colleagues in the company's headquarters' failure analysis engineering groups, and compile final reports, including corrective actions, if necessary, in both English and Japanese.

  • Assist customers in implementing application-level corrective actions and countermeasures, if applicable, to prevent or enhance field failures.



  • in electrical engineering

  • Skilled in effective verbal and written communication in both English and Japanese.

  • Extensive firsthand experience in addressing quality concerns related to integrated circuits in the automotive sector.

  • Capable of handling customer quality issues in a way that enhances the customer's perception of the company's quality standards.

  • Possess 7 years of experience in resolving engineering challenges, particularly in the fields of Switch-mode Power Supply, AC-DC converters, and analog and/or mixed-signal integrated circuit devices.

  • Proficient in conducting failure analysis for power conversion ICs, encompassing both digital and analog, and/or mixed-signal IC devices.

  • Experienced in the characterization and troubleshooting of switch-mode power supplies (SMPS).



Contact NAME: Ma Yingda