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TOP 5 Advice to Make Money in a Slow Market

about 2 years ago by
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Managing Directors, Matt and Alex introduces a new YouTube series of --TOP 5 Tips-- that you can use to accelerate your recruitment career.

Today they discuss the lessons they learned while starting a business at the peak of a global pandemic. Many young business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs can thrive during economic turmoil.

Matt and Alex encourage all aspiring business owners to get out there and build a business regardless of the economic climate! Learn from Matt and Alex's experience and discover new ways to grow your business.


Cornerstone Recruitment Japan is focused on placing bilingual professionals in a wide range of market-leading companies.

Focusing across all sectors, we leverage the network of our experienced consultants to provide both clients and candidates with high-end service levels and most importantly results.

Why Company Culture is Important:

How to Become a TOP Recruiter:

TOP 5 Recruitment Tips:

Check out our video here​: