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Why Job Seekers Should Consider Working With a Recruitment Agency

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Finding Your Perfect Fit Job

Hands up if you have exhausted your energy and resources to find the right job.


Let’s admit the fact: job hunting can be tormenting. Why? It is because there is a difference between finding an employer and finding the ‘right’ employer. Moreover, as time passes and the rejection rate increases, job seekers lose confidence and enthusiasm.


Just as every movie has a plot, a protagonist & a supporting actor, a job seeker’s story also begins with the struggle to find a good job. And a recruitment agency is in the supporting role. But before proceeding to avail a recruitment firm’s assistance, make sure to seek answers to the following questions and look for solutions, if lacking:


  • Do you lack experience?

  • Do you find the job market challenging and competitive?

  • Is your age affecting your application?

  • Are you unable to fit into the job roles offered to you?

  • Are you pushing yourself hard to meet your job requirements?


Once you have the answers, working with a recruitment agency will be easier. The blog entails the reasons why job seekers should consider working with a recruitment agency.



The Role of Recruitment Agencies in Your Job Search

Although platforms like LinkedIn can help you land your dream job, there’s an even easier way— hiring a recruitment agency. Expert recruiters provide multiple career opportunities that match candidates’ skill sets and expectations.


Here are the top five reasons a job hunter must consider hiring a recruitment agency.


A recruitment agency does the job search for you

A recruitment agency takes the burden off your shoulders and relieves you from the overwhelming job-hunting process. Recruiters maintain a vast database of positions, including ones not advertised publicly. This helps candidates cover the gap between finding a job and the right one.


A recruitment agency provides you access to various jobs at once

You know what it feels like looking for a new role. Right? Fortunately, recruitment firms help candidates sail through the arduous process. Their eagle eye focuses on the market constantly and records job openings. Furthermore, they consider one candidate for multiple career opportunities, keeping the employer’s and employee’s requirements in mind.


A recruitment agency helps you put your best foot forward

There is a misconception that recruiters stay occupied with the application and screening process. However, they also work to


  • gain employer insights,

  • determine the candidates they are looking for, and

  • help you prepare accordingly.


They can help you with your resume, cover letter, portfolio, and financials.


A recruitment agency provides you with inside knowledge

The task of gaining employer insights and market knowledge is no cakewalk. Nonetheless, recruiters spend much time speaking with the client and knowing what they require. Further, they share the information with the job seekers to help them prepare for interviews and understand what is expected of them.


A recruitment agency gives you constructive feedback

As a job seeker, it would benefit you to gain constructive feedback to boost your chances of getting the right job. They can help speed up the job search process and increase their chance of securing good jobs.


Are you looking for a job?

Cornerstone is right here. While we do not encourage you to leave everything in our hands, we work to increase your chances of success. How do we make that possible?


  1. We save you time. Our team knows what jobs are out there in the market and devotes time to filling them with the right candidates.

  2. We help you network on a large scale. You can take advantage of our connections and strengthen your job search.

  3. We provide you access to more job opportunities. Since not all open positions are posted on job boards, you can apply for the confidentially advertised jobs.

  4. You stay in our database. Even if you are not hired for the first potential match, your profile stays with us and is considered for future positions.


Contact our specialist recruiters and boost your visibility in the market. Our team will assist you in getting placed in fulfilling careers by aligning your career advancement goals with the employers’ requirements.




Final Thoughts

The market is highly competitive, and there are millions of candidates looking for jobs. Undoubtedly, there might be many of them who will surpass your academic achievements and skills, but you can have a leg-up against the competition. And the best way to do it is by availing of specialist recruiters’ services. Additionally, develop a lasting relationship with them to keep your ear to the ground and check the availability of new roles.


The only thing you must be careful about is choosing the most genuine and reliable recruitment agency. Only some recruitment firms are worth your time and effort.




1. Why should you work with a recruitment agency?

Finding the right employer is an uphill task and time-consuming. As a result, job seekers fail to land their dream job and keep looking for the right offer since they do not possess market knowledge. Moreover, they do not know how to reach the right employers. Fortunately, a reliable recruitment agency can help job seekers to connect with genuine employers. Therefore, candidates can join jobs that match their financial and growth requirements.


2. What do recruiters look for in job seekers?

Recruiters look for employees who are passionate about their work and stay loyal to their employers. Secondly, recruiters prefer hiring candidates with a high emotional quotient. Other factors that recruiters consider before hiring a candidate are their commitment to work, communication skills, track record, leadership skills, and ability to work with a team.

This article is originally published by CGP Singapore and edited by Cornerstone Recruitment Japan.

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