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How to Work with Recruiters when Searching for a Job

5 months ago by Lincoln T.
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Searching for a new job can be a very, very stressful activity - whether you are looking on your own or using a Recruitment Agency to support you. Here are a few tips to manage this process a bit better:


1. Most Recruitment Agencies provide their services to you for free.

They are paid "recruitment fees" by their client companies when they help with successful hiring. Be wary of any agency or website that charges you a fee for career advice!

2. Prioritize Recruitment Agencies that prioritize you!

If you reach out to an agency via email or on their website, keep track of how long it takes before they reply to you and what type of response you receive. Are they willing to meet with you face-to-face? Have a video call? Or are they asking for a phone or email chat? Do they reply quickly and answer your questions in a timely and reasonable way? Avoid companies that send spam replies or take too long to get back to you.

3. Consider your timing for when you want to leave.

Agencies are generally supporting active searches - meaning that they will want to immediately introduce you and arrange interviews. Ideally, they would like to help you receive an offer within 2-4 weeks and to change jobs 2-4 weeks after that. That said, job searches do not always go so smoothly and it can take several months to find a job that fits you. Make sure to communicate with your Agent on your preferred timing and how much notice period you need once you receive an offer. Your Agent will do their best to get you an attractive job at a time that suits you.

4. Keep track of where you have applied and ask for updates.

Some agencies - especially the larger ones - will struggle to update you after every application or interview. If you are using multiple agencies, this problem can be compounded. Make sure to reach out to your Agents regularly for updates and feedback. If one agency is consistently struggling to update you, consider shifting your focus to another agency that is more responsive.

5. Be transparent with your Agents.

Let your Agents know if you have any questions or concerns about a job/company. Let them know if you have other processes ongoing. Your Agents will do their best to support you with the job that they introduced. Sharing information with them can help them negotiate for better interview schedules or better offers (titles, salaries, start dates, etc.). At the same time - do not mislead them with inflated numbers or false processes. If an Agent finds out that you have been untruthful, you can put your entire interview process at risk.

6. Good Agents can be long-term relationships!

Treat your Agents with respect and care - even if you choose a job through another source. You may decide to look again in the future and that Agent may be able to help you then. Keep those doors open when you can!

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Written by Lincoln Torrey