Location Tokyo
Discipline Human Resources and Office Professionals
Job type Permanent
Salary Negotiatable
Reference 37242


A luxury fashion brand



  • Work closely as a touchpoint between the departments in charge and HR department in organizational planning, recruitment, performance evaluation processes, engagement measures, etc.

  • When hiring, transferring, or retiring, support the employees, coordinate and consult with his/her department, and provide administrative work associated with them.

  • Conduct recruitment activities according to the head count plan of the departments / stores in charge. 

  • Astutely use external business partners and/or media to carry out the most efficient recruiting activities.

  • To support the development of employees in the departments in charge, set indicators that objectively map talents.

  • Manage to plan retention for high performers, as well as PIP of low performers along with the talent mapping.

  • In order to create a better working environment, provide basic ethics dissemination (i.e., harassment, compliance, etc) by coordinating with the heads of necessary departments and stores

  • Support proper working hours management for good work-life balance and company labour cost management, and monitor overtime and unpaid leave. When grasping the actual situation with an awareness of any issue, interview the target employees and liaise with HRD, Head of his/her department, and company doctor upon necessity.

  • For the above responsibilities, while sequentially reporting to the head of departments, HRD, and the President to confirm the direction and priority of the company, take actions that are always conscious of the overall optimization of the organization.