Consumer Consulting (Retail & Whoelsale)

Location Tokyo
Job type Permanent
Salary 0
Reference 33996

Take your career to the next level and become an industry influencer by using your consumer goods expertise at this leading global consultancy to advise a wide array of clients on their business strategy and how to develop best-practices that have instant impact on business and employee performance.

Consumer Products / Food and Beverage / Consumer Packaged Goods

・ Global strategy construction and support for its execution (client-wide / business-specific / brand-specific / regional strategy planning, marketing strategy planning, business reforms for execution, organization, governance, SCM etc.)
・ Brand management (global / domestic strategy planning for corporate brands, product brands, etc., marketing and business reforms associated with it)
・ Business structural reforms (especially profit structure reforms centered on domestic businesses, business portfolio reviews, businesses Area redefinition, new business creation, etc.)

・ Having manager experience or equivalent experience in a management consulting firm
・ In a strategic firm , Consumer goods / distribution area experience. Or if you are motivated and interested, even if you don't have it.
Those who have experience in upstream (strategy, marketing, etc.) other than strategic firms. 

[consultant, senior consultant]
Consulting experience for staff In addition, we are actively recruiting people with industry experience
<Experienced people at management consulting firms>
・ About 1 to 5 years. Regardless of strategic or non-strategic. Regardless of potential, motivation , or experience in the consumer goods field. Yes if you are motivated and interested

<Experienced in consumer goods manufacturers, distribution companies, advertising agencies, etc.>
・ Over 3 years of experience. Experienced brand managers, marketing, business enterprises, etc. are desirable
・ Consulting inexperienced ・ MBA non-holders are limited to those in their 20s. MBA holders are allowed until their early 30s

Retail, Wholesale & Distribution / Transportation, Hospitality & Services

・ Business structural reform (profit structure reform, business portfolio review, business domain redefinition, new business creation, investment evaluation, etc.)
・ Business growth strategy, marketing strategy , Execution of customer strategy, IT strategy, customer strategy, Analytics strategy, etc. (especially digital)
・ Global strategy construction and its execution support (strategy planning by client company-wide, business, region, business reform for execution, (Organizational change, etc.)

Experience as a manager or equivalent in a management consulting firm
Experience in a nearby area in a strategic firm. 
・Consultation is required for those who have experience other than the above (There is room for consideration depending on the qualities and motivation of the person)

[Consultant, senior consultant]
In addition to those who have experience in consulting, the industry Experienced people are mainly hired by young people.
If you are in your twenties, even those with high English proficiency will be actively hired. In addition to the retail industry, we are also looking for experienced people involved in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry. In addition, those who have experience in regional development are given preferential treatment in both the real estate and railway industries.

<Experienced in a management consulting firm>
・ About 1 to 5 years. Regardless of strategic or non-strategic.
Experience in potential / motivation / retail / distribution, real estate, and railroad transportation is highly evaluated.

<Industry experience>
・ MBA non-holders are limited to those in their 20s. MBA holder is allowed until the early 30s
person who can conduct business in English is allowed until the early 30s (preferential)