Customer Reliability Engineer

Location Tokyo
Discipline Information Technology
Job type Permanent
Salary Negotiatable
Reference 37815


Rapidly growing SaaS company providing AI ​​contract screening platform



Cooperate with the development team and user support and commit to the following realizations with engineering as a weapon in order to continuously provide value to customers. 

  • Improving customer satisfaction 

  • Improving the quality and operational efficiency of support

  • Reducing the hurdles of customer service introduction What kind of work should be done 

  • Designing, measuring and improving customer satisfaction indicators 

  • Maintaining and developing systems aimed at improving customer satisfaction and reducing support costs Example) Visualization of user behavior logs, improvement of support tools, etc. 

  • Technical support for customer service introduction 

  • Technical support for problems and inquiries that occur in the customer environment




  • 3 years or more experience in web system development, or equivalent experience 

  • Basic knowledge of Windows OS * Ability to configure and use browser and OS proxy settings, Windows firewall, event viewer, etc. 

  • Basic knowledge of networking * Ability to explain proxy and DNS mechanisms, each layer of the OSI reference model, etc. 

  • Log investigation experience based on access logs and application logs 

  • Experience in selecting and implementing some technology, and operation and maintenance after introduction Language proficiency equivalent to N1 of the proficiency test.


  • Experience in system development using Ruby and TypeScript 

  • Experience in designing and developing APIs conforming to RESTful APIs 

  • Experience in designing and building infrastructure using cloud infrastructure such as AWS and GCP 

  • Experience in designing and operating firewalls, UTM, etc. 

  • Experience in designing and operating antivirus software and terminal management software 

  • Experience in using monitoring tools such as Datadog, New Relic, Sentry Experience in collecting and visualizing data 

  • Project management experience



  • Contact NAME: Jennifer Yamamoto

  • Email: