Graphics Lead (UI/UX)

Location Tokyo
Job type Permanent
Salary Flexible
Reference 33029


Global IT solutions firm, providing enterprise clients with solutions in digital transformation, data analytics and research and development.


  • Great career path, take on a leadership role where you will be coaching junior designers and bridge communication

  • Manage international projects and collaborate with team members overseas

  • Work on long-term, complex projects with large enterprise businesses

  • Mix hands-on designer role with interaction on business/client-side

  • Work from home / Flex time


You will be responsible for the development of graphic design from the initial concept to final completion. Responsibilities include:

  • Work with other staff members from different teams and departments to develop design concepts and ensure smooth delivery of projects and to develop design concepts

  • Assist junior designers to ensure their continued development and knowledge of emerging technologies and design techniques

  • Plan, monitor and allocate work to design interactive presentations, websites, kiosk interfaces, and other design requirements

  • Create and execute design concepts and develop artwork for a variety of multimedia activities

  • Ensure consistency of brand and program identity throughout all work and stages of development


  • At least business-Japanese (comfortable with client-interaction and keigo) and advanced English for team communication

  • At least 4+ years’ experience in UI/UX/visualization, this should include 3+ years’ experience in designing for mobile device and responsive web design

  • Ability to come up with strategies for layouts and artistic concepts, and to create visual images that engage and attract

  • Ability to handle international projects

  • Self-motivated and organization skills

Excellent knowledge of:

    • PhotoShop

    • Illustrator

    • InDesigncolour

    • Design standards

    • Corporate identity

Exceptional ability to apply graphic design skills:

    • Drawing/Sketching

    • Typography

    • Concept ideation

    • Color theory

    • Use of texture

    • Spacing, and scale


Experience in e-learning projects in visualization, design, and execution