LLM Engineer / LLMエンジニア

Location Tokyo
Discipline Information Technology
Job type Permanent
Salary 6~12M JPY + stock options
Reference 38682


A company that provides digital transformation for financial companies



  • Planning, drafting and development of projects/products using LLM.

  • Research and investigation of technology trends and new technologies related to LLM.

  • Collaboration and cooperation with related internal and external departments and partner companies.

  • Project progress management, quality control, and schedule management.

  • Planning of LLM-based solutions and products.

  • Planning of solutions and products using LLM.



  • Experience in machine learning and natural language processing.

  • Experience in Python development.

  • Experience with large-scale language models, both business and personal.

  • Has a strong intellectual curiosity and is able to greedily input various knowledge necessary for improving products, as well as studying the engineering field, which is an enjoyable learning experience.



• Experience in conference presentations and writing papers related to AI technology.

• Experience using cloud services (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.)



Contact NAME: Mateus Schuler



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