Manager - Data Marketing Consultant

Location Tokyo
Discipline Information Technology
Job type Permanent
Salary Negotiatable
Reference 38268


IT Company providing data business solutions

  • Ability to plan and implement marketing measures by utilizing various data inside and outside the client company 

  • Broad range of support areas by utilizing the resources of the parent company

  • Free and open-minded culture

  • Be able to contribute to the growth of the company as a second founding member

  • Be involved in business transformation from the upstream level as there is a lot of interaction with managers and other people in charge of the business side

  • Clients are mainly major domestic companies



  • Formulating data utilization strategies mainly in the marketing field 

  • Understanding customer issues and formulating marketing (communication) strategies based on perspectives obtained from data analysis work 

  • Integrated communication scenarios from digital to real domains Direction of design, production, and operation work; Execution and direction for improving the PDCA cycle after implementing various communication measures.




  • Experience as a general producer or project director at a general advertising agency, consulting company, etc., or engaged in account work. 

  • Experience in analyzing, suggesting, and designing measures based on data to solve client problems.

  • Able to handle not only direction but also paper work on his/her own. 

  • Experience in team building both inside and outside the company, and the ability to build good relationships with clients over the long term.

  • Understanding of digital technology area and marketing technology (MA/CDP/DMP/BI/CRM, etc.)



  • Experience in approaching client management 

  • Experience in utilizing marketing technology (MA/CDP/DMP/BI/CRM, etc.) as practical experience 

  • Experience in using analysis tools such as Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

  • Experience in conducting data analysis using BI tools such as Tableau and DOMO



  • Contact NAME: Jennifer Yamamoto

  • Email: