Mid-Market Sales Representative

Location Tokyo
Discipline Marketing, Sales
Job type Permanent
Salary ~ 6,000,000
Reference 37882


Educational Institution for Business Leaders



After grasping the management issues of the company and identifying the organizational issues, we will propose solutions in our education program. In our corporate sales department, you will be in charge of follow-up sales for existing customers and responding to inquiries from new customers.

  • Continuous utilization support for existing customers (responsible for 100 to 150 companies)

For existing customers using our services, we will review the effects of using the service based on the purpose and goals of the training, and make proposals for continued use.

  • Dealing with new customers (in charge of about 60 to 150 cases/year, taking into account the degree of busyness)

For new customers who have made inquiries, inside sales will interview and confirm the contents of the project outline in advance. After that, we will receive a pass for a project with a high degree of probability of consideration from inside sales, and we will propose our education service according to the customer's management issue. * New customers will be 100% inbound compatible.

60% for existing customers and 40% for new customers. We receive an average of 3-5 inquiries per week from new customers, and we always have a business contact. Communication with customers is mainly by phone and email, and if necessary, interviews are held using Zoom.

Digital tools such as SFDC and MSI (Market Sales Insight) will be actively used for the above customer support. In addition, as a role within the team, you may be in charge of collaboration with the marketing department for planning tool utilization.

Regardless of the department to which they belong, they are expected to actively participate in mutual support across business areas and company-wide “transfer of knowledge and know-how”.




  • More than 3 years working experience

  • Sales experience (experience in corporate sales preferred/sales experience with a large number of customers in charge preferred)

  • Language requirements: Native-level Japanese proficiency, or JLPT Level 1 or equivalent



  • Experience in achieving efficiency and systematization in work

  • Experience in accurately responding to the work in charge even within a limited time



  • Contact NAME: Adam McCann

  • Email: adam.mccann@cornerstone.jp