R&D Director

Location Tokyo
Job type Permanent
Salary Negotiable based on Experience
Reference 35364


A multinational company offering sustainable technologies for Green Economy. It is present in 25 operating companies in 10 countries with 5 R&D centres in Italy, the USA and Japan that ensure continuous improvement and enlargement of its proprietary technologies covered with about 260 patent families with over 2,700 territorial extensions. The company is the world's largest supplier of high-performing catalytic coatings and insoluble electrodes for electrochemical and industrial applications, and a leading provider of equipment, systems, disinfection, and filtration solutions for water and wastewater treatment. 


  • Lead and develop R&D people and resources to ensure the long-term development of the Company's technology knowledge asset and fulfillment of the Corporate company business inputs.
  •  Boost the health, safety and environmental culture and ensure the implementation of relevant local standards and processes
  • Identify business needs and relevant possible new R&D projects in coordination with CTO/MBD
  • Collaborate with Corporate management and AFC to develop an appropriate R&D budget
  • Plan, assign and control projects and activities to the Research teams and resources aiming to a successful transition of products from concept to finished realization
  • Provide technical leadership of special projects from concept through deployment
  • Inspire, tutor/mentor, and manage the assigned people, boosting their development
  • Ensure the sustainable growth of the technology knowledge asset
  • Lead international teams and different cultures, boosting the connections among the assigned Departments and the harmonization with the rest of the R&D organization



  •  Master's Degree in Engineering/Material Science/Chemistry (PhD preferred)
  • At least 12 years of experience in a multinational company in the Mechanical/Chemical industry, of which at least 5 as R&D Manager
  • Knowledge/experience in (at least one) o Applied electrochemistry, principles and main applicative processes o Electrodes development




  • 研究開発部門の人材育成と指導を行い、当社の技術資産の長期的な発展を確保し、コーポレート部門のビジネスインプットを満たす
  • 健康、安全、環境に関する文化を高め、関連する現地の基準とプロセスの実施を確実にする
  • ビジネスニーズと関連する新しいR&Dプロジェクトの可能性を特定し、CTO/MBDを実施する
  • コーポレート経営陣およびAFCと協力し、適切なR&D予算を策定する
  • 研究開発チームとリソースへのプロジェクトと活動の計画、割り当て、管理
  • 製品のコンセプトから完成品への移行を成功させること
  • コンセプトから展開までの特別なプロジェクトの技術的なリーダーシップを提供する
  • 担当者の育成を促進するための指導、管理
  • 技術的な知識資産の持続的な成長を確保する


  • 工学/材料科学/化学の修士号(博士号取得者が望ましい)
  • 機械・化学分野の多国籍企業で少なくとも12年の経験(そのうち少なくとも5年はR&Dマネージャーとしての経験
  • 以下の知識・経験(少なくとも1つ)- 応用電気化学、原理と主な応用プロセス 、電極開発