SAP Specialist / SAPスペシャリスト

Location Tokyo
Discipline Information Technology
Job type Permanent
Salary Negotiatable
Reference 38088


American outdoor footwear brand




  • 米国本社IT部門と連動したSAPシステムの保守・運用、障害対応

  • 上記業務に関連するインターフェースの開発やアプリケーションの導入、その保守管理と改修

  • 上記業務に関連するセキュリティー施策の推進

  • 上記業務に関連する社内の業務改善プロジェクトへの参画および推進

  • その他、上記に関連するテクノロジー全般の業務


SAP specialists are mainly responsible for system management and data management of SAP, which is the company's core system.

  • Maintenance and operation of the SAP system in conjunction with the IT department of the US head office, and troubleshooting

  • Development of interfaces related to the above business, introduction of applications, maintenance management and repairs

  • Promotion of security measures related to the above operations

  • Participation and promotion of internal business improvement projects related to the above business

  • Other general technology operations related to the above



  • SAP運用経験(ヘルプデスク業務)

  • ビジネス英語(中国語ができれば尚良し)

  • コミュニケーション力


  • SAP operation experience (help desk work)

  • Business English (Chinese is a plus)

  • Communication skills



  • Contact NAME: Kairi Ando

  • Email: