Senior Scientist (Display Technology)

Job type Permanent
Salary 9,000,000 - 12,000,000 JPY
Reference 33859


A Japanese start-up company and a pioneer of the World's First Cell-Free Amplification Technology for Large Circular DNA.


The company is seeking a highly motivated Senior Scientist to setup mammalian cell transfection capabilities. The candidate will play a key role in establishing the aforementioned technologies as well as implementing any appropriate downstream analyses and optimizations of hits/probes coming out of the panning efforts. You will report to and work closely with the Chief Technology Officer. You will also manage other scientists where needed to accelerate development.

  • Expand the application of DNA technology to gene therapy and cell engineering field.

  • Compare and determine appropriate vector and transfection technologies.

  • Design and construction of transfection vectors, and evaluate transfection efficiency in mammalian cells (flowcytometry, fluorescence microscopy, cytotoxicity assay, western-blotting, qPCR, etc.).

  • Organize and execute multiple projects in a fast-pace and collaborative environment


  • PhD in biological sciences or a relevant field and biologics drug discovery in biotech/pharmaceutical industry, or M.S. with Industry Experience

  • Direct hands-on experience in library construction, screening and evaluating various display technologies including phage display (M13, fd, T4, T7, λ, etc.) and yeast display.

  • Proficiency in a wide variety of binding assays (ELISA, TR-FRET, SPR, flow cytometry, etc.) and the ability to set up custom binding assays where needed.

  • Bioinformatics capabilities to analyze NGS data from panning efforts.

  • Ability to work in an independently, highly organized manner and propose creative yet critical troubleshooting solutions.

  • The ability to rapidly understand and learn new technologies that aid in biological analysis and integrate new technologies into existing projects.